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In Good Company
20-20 Advisor Group is privileged to have professional relationships (and yes, friendships) with individuals and teams across the country. Our counsel and collaboration extends to outstanding organizations like these.
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Method Studios

We have had the wonderful opportunity of working with Marshall and the 20/20 group on several important efforts in our firm recently.  One key project was the strategic planning effort with our leadership group.  I have found Marshall to be intelligent, focused, visionary, and incredibly insightful!  His ability to hone in on key issues and carefully weaving different personalities and perspectives into a strategic plan that had buy-in from all with specific and clear directives was nothing short of brilliant.  We have also found Marshall to have the highest level of integrity and commitment.  He goes above and beyond expectations because of his passion for what he does and his intent to help people which ultimately helps our organizations thrive as well.


We are continuing our partnership with 20/20 and with Marshall and look forward to forging new ground; growing and building our executive team with a clearer vision and strategy than we could have ever done without him.  It is an investment with a huge payback in stronger teamwork, clearer vision and leaders learning to serve at the highest level! 

—Becky Hawkins, associate aia/aiida partner + senior principal

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