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Mike Boswell

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Mike brings a unique background and experiences to the 20-20 Advisor Group. For over 20 years Mike has been building relationships and making a global impact in the consumer products industry. Being classically trained, he has managed brands at large, small and start-up companies in sales, brand marketing and general management roles.

Because of his hybrid sales and marketing background Mike has a keen knowledge of how to build strategies to scale brands or bring products to market. He understands e-commerce and the retail environment and has called on many of the nation’s largest retailers. He has experience in building brands and in developing and executing marketing strategies across traditional and digital platforms. Mike holds an MBA in Marketing from DePaul University in
Chicago and has worked at industry leading organizations like Kraft Foods, WhiteWave Foods (Silk plant-based beverages, Horizon Organic) and start-ups Orabrush and Bridgepeak Nutrition. 


As both an executor and a strategist, Mike is excited to work with 20-20 Advisor Group clients to build their businesses.

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